Where do Hair Extensions Come From ?

People ask me, Maria, where do hair extensions come from? I don’t know where all the different types of hair extensions come from, but I mainly use a product from a company called Hairdreams. I have studied the different companies and their product line and I settled on this company because I felt they consistently had  the highest  quality. Instead of rewriting what they alread have in their product literature, I will just give you a quote from their website, Hairdreams.com:

Where does the hair come from?

Hairdreams attaches great importance to the choice of its hair. You can choose from the two different hair qualities Hairdreams 7 star SPECIAL and Hairdreams 5 star: The luxurious  Hairdreams 7 star SPECIALquality is raw hair of European type in all natural  colors ranging from blonde to dark brown, which come from all over the world. Specially trained Hairdreams representatives select and collect this hair according to highest quality standards. This hair has to be virgin hair (neither colored nor chemically treated) and it can’t be damaged in any way. After it has been collected, the raw hair is hand-selected and hand-sorted, hair by hair, in an elaborate and labor-intensive process. This process of hand-selection takes about 10 days for an average hair extension.

We make this enormous effort so that the color of the hair only has to be  changed slightly in order to match the natural hair spectrum. The refinement process puts such minimal chemical strain on it that one can really almost speak of virgin hair. The result: Hairdreams Special is the absolute  indulgence in hair extensions because it has not been chemically lightened and therefore has retained its perfectly elastic surface. For you, the client, it is important that Hairdreams Special Hair can be re-used for up to two years depending on
hair style and care.”

Installing them takes equal care and patience. I have had extensive training on the proper methods of applying the different styles and textures of hair extension, so they always look luxurious and natural. The procedure is not quick, but the end result is worth it.

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