Wedding Hair Stylist

It’s coming…that time of year…the event you have planned for…years in the making…YOUR WEDDING.

You spent months finding just the right location.

The invitations are ordered and they are beautiful.

You have picked out your gown and your flowers are ordered

What’s next?

Wedding or Special Event Hairstyl

Your HAIR..that’s what’s next. And I  LOVE doing hair for very special events, Wedding Hair, Prom Hair, Fashion Shows, Cotillions, pretty much any special event you can name, I, Maria Armenteros, will give you something spectacular, or something simple and elegant. Which ever you would prefer.

I the photo above, the style is soft and elegant, and I wove just a highlight of color through her hair.  She wanted to wear it down and natural for her event.   For another event, this style was more what was called for, something different and unique.

The more information I have about the venue, your dress, and any theme you may have for your wedding, the better I can help to give you the style that is just right for your special day. I always advise women to come in at least once for a tryout before the big day.

And Men, I don’t want to leave you out on this special day, it is just as important you look your very best, too. We can work on getting just the right style for Grooms, Groomsmen, Brides, Bridesmaids and Mothers and Fathers of the bride…

Maria Armenteros – Huntington Beach, CA



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