Wedding Hair Stylist

It’s coming…that time of year…the event you have planned for…years in the making…YOUR WEDDING.

You spent months finding just the right location.

The invitations are ordered and they are beautiful.

You have picked out your gown and your flowers are ordered

What’s next?

Wedding or Special Event Hairstyl

Your HAIR..that’s what’s next. And I  LOVE doing hair for very special events, Wedding Hair, Prom Hair, Fashion Shows, Cotillions, pretty much any special event you can name, I, Maria Armenteros, will give you something spectacular, or something simple and elegant. Which ever you would prefer.

I the photo above, the style is soft and elegant, and I wove just a highlight of color through her hair.  She wanted to wear it down and natural for her event.   For another event, this style was more what was called for, something different and unique.

The more information I have about the venue, your dress, and any theme you may have for your wedding, the better I can help to give you the style that is just right for your special day. I always advise women to come in at least once for a tryout before the big day.

And Men, I don’t want to leave you out on this special day, it is just as important you look your very best, too. We can work on getting just the right style for Grooms, Groomsmen, Brides, Bridesmaids and Mothers and Fathers of the bride…

Maria Armenteros – Huntington Beach, CA


I was watching an episode of  “What Not to Wear”  and I thought to myself, so many people don’t understand  the impact of looking good. Many of the women who come on the show know somewhere inside them selves that they have given up. They are stuck with a look from 30 years ago, or 8 sizes ago, and they just don’t know how to move on!! Some have dry, unmanageable hair, and it causes them embarrasment and anquish just to get ready for an outing or a professional appointment.

On the show, the two stylists, Stacey and Clinton, work together with people to try and show them how the should dress. They first explain how their current wardrobe is not working, then show people examples of what would work better. And there is also a professional Hair Sylist on the show, to help them with their look.

Once Stacey and Clinton teach them how to shop for clothing and how to dress, you can see their whole “being” transform. People who were timid and shy become more outgoing. People who were sullen, or silly, become  more upbeat and outgoing. You watch them at their reveal parties and they just strut in, twirling and proud to show off their new selves.

As a hairdresser and stylist, what means the most to me is the part of the show where the people are required to get their hair styled. So many of those men and women are attached to their hair, and fearful of changing anything about it. The women with long hair seem to be the most fearful. I must say, as a professional stylist, I understand their fear. Not everyone who has a license to cut hair is a good stylist. I have seen too many people come to me after having had their hair poorly cut by another stylist, just upset and in tears, asking me can you fix this.

Let me please say this. I invest in my business. I have been trained in some of the fines schools in the Industry, and I consistently go to seminars and training to keep my skills sharp and on the cutting edge.  Cutting hair is NOT just about technique, it is about artistry, it is about having the experience to know how to shape thin hair, versus thick hair. It’s about cutting curly hair differently from straight hair. And color is another story all by itself. Think of color as chemistry. It’s not like when you go to the store and buy something off the shelf. I have had to learn how to mix just the right colors, how to blend them so people’s hair doesn’t end up looking flat and one dimensional.

At the end of the show, after the people have gone through all of the changes, they look like and act like  whole new people, almost without exception.  If you are in a place where your look is dragging you down, then You deserve that for yourself as well!!!

Maria Armenteros

Salon Ambiance – Huntington Beach, Ca

Brazilian Blow out – Why do Stars Love it?

Before and After

This is not my first blog about the Brazilian Blowout. But most recently I have had people come up and ask me, what is a Brazilian Blow Out?  Must you be Brazilian to get one?  How much does it cost? Will it hurt my hair  or be good for it?

 While I am not a chemist I do know that it is safe when done properly, and it leaves curly, frizzy hair soft and shining. Here is one definition I found out on the web:” By creating a protective layer of keratin(a fibrous protein that makes up 85% of the human hair structure), the Brazilian Blowout in fact improves the condition of the hair and retains the natural volume and body.”  So that you can try it for yourslef, I am going to make it my special this week:


NORMALLY $300.00, FOR THIS WEEK ONLY $200.00 !!

 You may have heard from some that Brazilian Blowout contains harmful chemicals. While there are hair straightening methods that use harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, that is not what makes up a Brazilian Blowout. 

Come on in and try it out!!!

Maria  562-972-5006

In my line of work  people are always coming to me for advice about their hair. In some cases, it’s too thin, it’s too fine, it’s too straight, or it’s too curly!! I can help you with all of those issues. With a good cut, I can make thin hair look fuller, thick hair more manageable, and I can help thick, curly hair lay better.

brazilian blow outs, hair extensions, processed hair, bleached hairThere are those of you who are just plain tired of  dealing with all the issues that come with curly hair. For you, I have something you have seen in my blog before, it is called the Brazilian Blowout. Often times, women with  processed hair or hair extentions  are reluctant to try this kind of treatment. Just to ease your mind, scroll down and take a look at this: Read More

Bring Out Your Natural Highlights

Highlights can give hair dimension, definition and add a relaxed, sun-kissed look to your hair. If done correctly, they can even take years off of your face. However, achieving natural-looking highlights can be tricky and can easily turn out streaky and fake. Fortunately, most people already have natural highlights in their hair and there are ways to bring your highlights out more if you are not willing to take the risk. Hair2If you want a dramatic change, a stylist and processed highlights would be the best way to go, but these tips can help you bring out a subtle difference. The best way to do this is keeping your hair as healthy and lustrous as you can by taking care of your hair and making sure it is properly moisturized. Using a deep conditioner will help infuse body and shine, if you are not sure what kind of deep conditioner to use for your hair type, consult with your stylist. Regularly getting your hair trimmed is very important because split ends can give your hair a dull, matte appearance. Heat can seriously dry out your hair and will create the same effect, blow-drying and flat-ironing should be done as rarely as possible. When you must blow-dry or otherwise style with heat, make sure to use a thermal protector and leave-in conditioner to protect your hair. Not only do you need to keep your hair healthy on the surface, but you also need vitamins and minerals that will stimulate blood flow to your roots. For example, B complex vitamins regulate the amount of oil produced in the hair to moisturize evenly. Although I’m sure you have heard of spritzing a little lemon on your hair to help bring out highlights, doing so can dry out your hair and defeat the purpose of “natural” highlights.