Breaking the rules!!! That is something we all need to do once in a while!! Because some rules are MADE to be broken. In-Style Magazine has a write up  about 11 Rules you SHOULD break. The First rule that should be broken is rule number one : Women over 40 should NOT have long hair. Traditional wisdom from our parents generation said if you are over 40, your hair should be cut short to frame your face, and give it a lift. I say, that is just silly. You can wear your hair how you like. In-Style went on to say,  General rules are not appropriate, each person is unique. We have different shapes to our faces, different types of activities we like to do, one rule does not apply to all.

For many women over 50, long,straight, thick hair just hanging down around their face CAN age you. If you keep it layered around your eys and cheekbones, keep it in good condition and healthy looking, with some body and shape, there is NO reason why you can’t still have long hair when you are over 50!!.

Hairstyles for women over 50

They go on to talk about 10 other rules you can and should break. Check it out:,,20276967_20477335,00.html


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