Ponytails: An Easy Switch in Minutes!

Picture of a sleek pony tail

If you have long hair, and you are in a hurry, what do you do with your hair? You put it up in a Ponytail!!Ponytails are  comfortable and is one of the easiest things to style. But they don’t have to be plain Jane . If you have medium or long hair, it is  easy to  spice things up to keep your ponytail from being boring.

We’ve compiled a list of easy styles you can try when you just want something simple:

If you want a more elegant pony tail for an evening out, curl you hair first, then don’t pull your hair back too tightly, leave a bit of room in the front, put the band around the back part of your hair, and push the front part forward just a little.


For something a bit different, try wearing your pony tail with a head band. Make a rough ponytail with your locks covering the side of your forehead. Just add a hair band without taking the strands of hair aside. If you use a hair band with jewels or crystals that will add another layer of glamour for the evening look.

A good one to do with straight hair is the beehive. This is a popular nighttime hairstyle, but it takes a little more time. Simply make a beehive in the front, then use hair clips to keep it in place. Again, you can leave a ponytail in the back or move it to the side.

If you’re out of hairstyle ideas in the morning, adding a simple ponytail in the morning can give your head a fresh new look!

For those of you looking for a sleek evening look, and you don’t quite have the pony tail knack, come on in, I can help you!!





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