How to Wear Medium Hairstyles

Bobs, angled cuts, layered… there are a number of ways to wear your hair at a medium length. They are easy to manage, and give enough length to add some flare to your appearance. Not to mention they take much less time to style in the mornings. The typical medium hairstyle goes down to about your shoulders, so it’s not classifiable as “long” or “short”.

There are also a number of stylish options when it comes to medium length hair. Regular braids and french braids work well on most women. Put it half up, half down, part indifferently. With styles like the Bob haircut, you have the option to make a split, or having straight bangs. Although, we strongly recommend you see a stylist when making decisions like these, especially with straight bangs. There is a certain technique to cutting a perfect line, and if you get it just a little bit off, your whole hairstyle looks “a little bit off”.

Layering is also an option when it comes to medium length hair. But, anyone who knows how to layer can tell you its a very complicated process. Most online guide on how to layer your hair are usually 12-15 complicated steps This is another area where we strongely recommend seeing your stylist for this reason. If you want to upgrade to medium, be sure to use the “book appointment” button on the right to schedule your appointment with Maria Armenteros today!


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