How Important is it for Your Hair to Look Good?

They say you only get one chance to make a good  first impression. And the time period within which you make that first impression is around 15 seconds. If your hair is straggly, dry and unkempt, do you think that will make a good first impression?


There have been numerous studies that  say, no, it won’t. While having a good haircut that lays well and styles easily may not guarantee you will get the job, having a bad haircut and dressing poorly WILL guarantee that you WONT get the job. Beyond the physical condition of your hair, anyone who has ever been to a oggd stylist can tell you, having a great haircut can make you feel like you can take on anything. It is relaxing and you feel gorgeous when you walk out that salon door!!


I found a great article on WebMD that talks about  the subject of a good hair cut and color, and what it means to you

If your budget is tight, it never hurts to let your stylist know. Often, we feel ashamed when hard financial times hit us. They may be able to offer you a little bit of a break on their fees, or be more strategic with your hair cuts. Style your hair so as it grows out, it will still lay beautifully. Cut it a bit shorter  than you normally would. That way you won’t need to get your hair cut as often.

Instead of coloring your hair, get a weave of highlights. That way roots are not so noticeable as your hair grows.  Don’t just try to ignore a bad haircut and hope no one notices, because they will.


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