Hair Care for Hair Extentions

Hair Extensions are a wonderful invention. It gives both men and women the option of changing their hair style without having to wait for their hair to grow out. But Hair extensions can be  a strain  on your scalp and existing hair.  If you wear extensions, you must make sure you have strong and full hair that is able to support them. However, it is mostly women who will  get extensions for thinning or chemically damaged hair, and although hair care products temporarily fix appearance, most don’t address the issue of actual hair and scalp health.

There are several effective and lasting ways to help people with thin or breaking hair. First and probably one of the most important, even  before we get to vitamins and supplements, make sure you use a special brush to keep your naturally shedding hair from damage caused by  brushing to keep the hair  tangle free. As for nutrients, you should not only maintain a healthy diet and hair care routine to fix your present issue, but also  in order to prevent future hair thinning and loss. We recommend the Ionix hair care line, since it was specifically designed for women with hair extensions and processed hair. Try drinking more green tea and ginger, as these have natural vitamins and minerals inside them which help give your hair the strength to support your extensions. If you want to go as far as vitamin supplements, we highly recommend b12, bioten, zinc and MSM.

As a Master Stylist, I see people all the time who complain about the condition of their hair. There are many ways I can help, by showing them the right products to use, to my Laser Hair Restoral System, and by recommending dietary changes. When they follow my advice, their hair looks better, and becomes strong enough to take Hair Extensions without doing further damage to fragile hair.



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