Fall and winter styles!

For those of you who look your best all year round, you already have your fall line ready. Don’t forget that your hair ties everything together, so take a look at this years trending fall hair styles.


“1. Elegant Updos

Updos definitely lend a classic edge to your look. Whether it’s just for a casual day out or partying the night away with your friends, this hairstyle will never go wrong. I’d suggest that you go for a messy bun. It creates such a fun and carefree vibe while maintaining it’s elegance. You can achieve this look by curling your hair into waves, gather them up and twist them into a bun. Secure them with bobby pins. For that added oomph, pin them with pretty hair accessories.

2. Braids

This kind of hairstyle is definitely effortless and it gives you that carefree boho vibe that will make you look more put together. You can use just a regular, casual braid placed at the side or you can go all out and create different looks with it. No matter what your preferences are, this hairstyle will definitely give you a sophisticated edge.

3. Heavy Bangs

Bangs have surely made such a great comeback this year. Channel out the inner Cleopatra in you and give your hairstyle a really pretty makeover. Depending on the structure of your face, you can go from heavy fringes or opt for elegant side swept bangs. This kind of hairstyle will definitely frame your face and it will give an exciting kick to your personality.

4. Ponytails

Ponytails are one of the widely used hairstyles this season. It’s definitely a hairstyle that would literally take you just seconds to do. You can go for an elegant ponytail or you can take it higher for an easy breezy feel. If you want a hairstyle that can give you the illusion of a slimmer face, high ponytails are your best bet.”

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