Wedding Hair Stylist

It’s coming…that time of year…the event you have planned for…years in the making…YOUR WEDDING.

You spent months finding just the right location.

The invitations are ordered and they are beautiful.

You have picked out your gown and your flowers are ordered

What’s next?

Wedding or Special Event Hairstyl

Your HAIR..that’s what’s next. And I  LOVE doing hair for very special events, Wedding Hair, Prom Hair, Fashion Shows, Cotillions, pretty much any special event you can name, I, Maria Armenteros, will give you something spectacular, or something simple and elegant. Which ever you would prefer.

I the photo above, the style is soft and elegant, and I wove just a highlight of color through her hair.  She wanted to wear it down and natural for her event.   For another event, this style was more what was called for, something different and unique.

The more information I have about the venue, your dress, and any theme you may have for your wedding, the better I can help to give you the style that is just right for your special day. I always advise women to come in at least once for a tryout before the big day.

And Men, I don’t want to leave you out on this special day, it is just as important you look your very best, too. We can work on getting just the right style for Grooms, Groomsmen, Brides, Bridesmaids and Mothers and Fathers of the bride…

Maria Armenteros – Huntington Beach, CA


Ponytails: An Easy Switch in Minutes!

Picture of a sleek pony tail

If you have long hair, and you are in a hurry, what do you do with your hair? You put it up in a Ponytail!!Ponytails are  comfortable and is one of the easiest things to style. But they don’t have to be plain Jane . If you have medium or long hair, it is  easy to  spice things up to keep your ponytail from being boring.

We’ve compiled a list of easy styles you can try when you just want something simple:

If you want a more elegant pony tail for an evening out, curl you hair first, then don’t pull your hair back too tightly, leave a bit of room in the front, put the band around the back part of your hair, and push the front part forward just a little.


For something a bit different, try wearing your pony tail with a head band. Make a rough ponytail with your locks covering the side of your forehead. Just add a hair band without taking the strands of hair aside. If you use a hair band with jewels or crystals that will add another layer of glamour for the evening look.

A good one to do with straight hair is the beehive. This is a popular nighttime hairstyle, but it takes a little more time. Simply make a beehive in the front, then use hair clips to keep it in place. Again, you can leave a ponytail in the back or move it to the side.

If you’re out of hairstyle ideas in the morning, adding a simple ponytail in the morning can give your head a fresh new look!

For those of you looking for a sleek evening look, and you don’t quite have the pony tail knack, come on in, I can help you!!



Booking an Appointment

Book your appointment on-line!!!

I decided a while ago that it might be best to have people call me directly to book their appointments. While it sounded like a good idea at the time, it became frustrating for some.

As you can imagine, when I am working on a customer’s hair, I do not take time away from them to answer the phone. As a result, that often means I have to check voice mail, check my appointment calendar, and if a customer has requested an appointment for a time when I am already booked, it can create a situation.

Through some quick research, I found a relatively easy to use appointment booking system, and I have plugged it into my blog. Now all my regular customers, and even the new ones, can create a login and password, and just book their appointments when they are ready.
For me, it is not only important to take excellent care of your hair, it is important you know that I value your time as well. Thanks for your business and I look forward to seeing you very soon!!

Curly Hair Extensions

Most of the time when we think hair extensions, we think of straight, soft, silky hair. But there is an alternative option when it comes to extensions. Many stars like Rihanna and Beyoncé change up their hair like they change up their socks. They go from short black Mohawks, to long and wavy red hair. Even if you have straight hair, we can use these curly hair extensions to give you a whole new look..


Like it or not, the Holidays are coming!!

We are now almost half way through September. Next month will bring Halloween, the month after is Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. Now is the time to start getting your body and health in shape for the upcoming months. They say it takes 21 days to make a new habit. Every year I have friends who make resolutions on New Years to get healthy, eat better and exercise more. Well how about starting now?

If you simply workout once in a while, make it a habit to go to the gym twice a week. Walk three times a week, fast, for a half and hour. Eat lighter, have less meat, and more veggies with your meals. Maybe even replace your lunch sandwich with a salad twice a week. You may not lose 10 pounds by simply doing these things, but you won’t gain weight either. And you will be ready to take on all those Christmas cookies and parties with a stronger will. They won’t just jump in your mouth and onto your hips without you even knowing.

Maria Armenteros



I need a good Haircut!!!

Elizabeth Banks, soft waves, shoulder length

If you need a good haircut, well, you have come to the right place. I nicknamed my business Hair by Maria. But truly, most of the time it is Hair by Maria and You!!  You tell me the look you want, I tell you if it will suit your face  and together we make something beautiful.

Sometimes the most difficult part of my profession as a Master Sylist and Colorist is to tell someone their face and hair are just not suited for a certain style.

Fine Hair is not going to lay the same way as thick hair. Thicker hair doesn’t always take to small, choppy layering as well as fine hair does. A round face will look better with some layers close to the face rather than all one length.

I do want to say that I am not someone who disregards my clients wishes and just does what I want to do. I am not talking about that. But if my people come to me and they want a style that will just not make them look beautiful, I have to work with them to find the flavor of the style they want, while giving them a cut that will let them leave my chair feeling happy and beautiful. They say that in life there must be some measure of compromise. I like to compromise. Not on the quality of my work, mind you, but on the style…

So for today, I will call my business Hair by Maria and You….

Maria Armenteros



InStyle Magazines, Summer Favorites

Many times my clients come to me with a certain hairstyle in mind. While their descriptions are helpful, pictures can be worth a thousand words. Sometimes I can tell if a style will look good on them by looking at the picture they bring with them. Does the picture show a woman who has the same shaped face? Is the picture showing someone with thick hair? Is my client’s hair the same type? Is the picture showing soft, loose curls, on a woman with thick, luxurious hair? If my client has thin, straight hair, then the style the come in hoping for will not work. BUT, I can work with their hair type and bone structure to give them something close, which will suit them better.

Take a look at this video, are there styles you like in here? Pick one or two and come see me, together we can make magic,,20480953_20497610_20968109,00.html


hair by Maria


Why Does Your Hair Get Frizzy?

Beach Hair
After a day at the beach?

Hair gets Frizzy for several different reasons, and you can have just one of those issues with your hair, or all of them. I won’t get very technical here, but I will till you that humidity is the biggest cause of hair frizz. Some of your frizziness can be caused by over heated appliances.  The next biggest cause is poor nutrition, and last but not least is that thing we call stress. When you are under stress your body uses up nutrients more quickly, and if you do not eat properly, those nutrients are not getting put back into your system.

If you combine any of these you have a very strong chance of having frizzy hair. Many of my customers have hair that is neither curly, nor straight. It has waves. Curly  hair, as long as it is not frizzy as well, is fun, and full of whimsy. Look at these two pictures.
On the left, her hair looks dry and unmanageable, on the right, soft and pretty. You can straighten the look with one of several methods I use for my clients. It just depends upon the look you are in the mood for.

We are running a special this week on hair smoothing, offering 25% off of any type of hair smoothing you choose, from a Keratin treatment, to deep conditioning.

BUT if you just want your hair to be soft and look healthy, we don’t have to straighten it, we can just do another type of treatment for you…

Give me a call at 562.972.5006     and we can talk about what you want to do, and decide the best way to go.
Or you can text me at that same number, I will get back to you as soon as I can.
thank you
Maria Armenteros

You can’t always judge a book by it’s cover, but you probably will. Now, I love music, all types of music, and I am of Latin descent, so music affects me to my very soul. It can change my mood from happy to sad, from peaceful and content to fired up. I think it’s all part of being a creative person!!

I saw a You Tube Video today of a Lady Gaga’s appearance  on a  radio show, where she performed live. While I am intrigued by her personal style, most of her popular music is not the type I usually enjoy listening to. But this video that was posted on You Tube showed just her, sitting at her piano, playing and singing. It was pure, and it touched me.  The same thing happened to me when I saw Beyonce sing to the President and First Lady. I knew she was talented, but once again, not someone I listened to regularly, yet when I heard her sing “At Last”, I could not believe my ears. She had power and range, way beyond anything I had heard in her popular music style.

So, you say to yourself, what the heck does this have to do with Hair, or skin care? EVERYTHING!!! Look, when an artist chooses a persona, that persona will endear them to some people, and will alienate others. The same thing goes for the rest of us mere mortals.

If your hair is dry and brittle, your skin is patchy or has blotches, people are going to be less likely to think favorably of you. YES people should be able to look beyond that and give you a chance. But I can guarantee you most  will not. Just Like I did with Lady Gaga, and Beyonce, they will judge you initially by what they see when you walk into their world for the first time.  When you leave you door, it is important to always look neat, clean and healthy.

Looking good not only helps other people see you differently, it will make YOU feel good about yourself.

Maria Armenteros



Hair Styles from a Master Stylist

This is what I do:

I am a Master Stylist, I have a station at Salon Ambiance in Huntington Beach, CA. My background includes extensive formal training, plus I regulalry attend seminars on the lastest techniques in cut and color. That’s it in short form.

I love what I do, and I hope that shows in my work. For me, styling hair is not just a trade, or a job, it is my passion. My joy in life is my family, and when someone leaves my chair feeling beautiful.


Maria Armenteros..

Salon Ambiance, Huntington Beach, Ca