Hair Care for Hair Extentions

Hair Extensions are a wonderful invention. It gives both men and women the option of changing their hair style without having to wait for their hair to grow out. But Hair extensions can be  a strain  on your scalp and existing hair.  If you wear extensions, you must make sure you have strong and full hair that is able to support them. However, it is mostly women who will  get extensions for thinning or chemically damaged hair, and although hair care products temporarily fix appearance, most don’t address the issue of actual hair and scalp health.

There are several effective and lasting ways to help people with thin or breaking hair. First and probably one of the most important, even  before we get to vitamins and supplements, make sure you use a special brush to keep your naturally shedding hair from damage caused by  brushing to keep the hair  tangle free. As for nutrients, you should not only maintain a healthy diet and hair care routine to fix your present issue, but also  in order to prevent future hair thinning and loss. We recommend the Ionix hair care line, since it was specifically designed for women with hair extensions and processed hair. Try drinking more green tea and ginger, as these have natural vitamins and minerals inside them which help give your hair the strength to support your extensions. If you want to go as far as vitamin supplements, we highly recommend b12, bioten, zinc and MSM.

As a Master Stylist, I see people all the time who complain about the condition of their hair. There are many ways I can help, by showing them the right products to use, to my Laser Hair Restoral System, and by recommending dietary changes. When they follow my advice, their hair looks better, and becomes strong enough to take Hair Extensions without doing further damage to fragile hair.


Curly Hair Extensions

Most of the time when we think hair extensions, we think of straight, soft, silky hair. But there is an alternative option when it comes to extensions. Many stars like Rihanna and Beyoncé change up their hair like they change up their socks. They go from short black Mohawks, to long and wavy red hair. Even if you have straight hair, we can use these curly hair extensions to give you a whole new look..


Where do Hair Extensions Come From ?

People ask me, Maria, where do hair extensions come from? I don’t know where all the different types of hair extensions come from, but I mainly use a product from a company called Hairdreams. I have studied the different companies and their product line and I settled on this company because I felt they consistently had  the highest  quality. Instead of rewriting what they alread have in their product literature, I will just give you a quote from their website,

Where does the hair come from?

Hairdreams attaches great importance to the choice of its hair. You can choose from the two different hair qualities Hairdreams 7 star SPECIAL and Hairdreams 5 star: The luxurious  Hairdreams 7 star SPECIALquality is raw hair of European type in all natural  colors ranging from blonde to dark brown, which come from all over the world. Specially trained Hairdreams representatives select and collect this hair according to highest quality standards. This hair has to be virgin hair (neither colored nor chemically treated) and it can’t be damaged in any way. After it has been collected, the raw hair is hand-selected and hand-sorted, hair by hair, in an elaborate and labor-intensive process. This process of hand-selection takes about 10 days for an average hair extension.

We make this enormous effort so that the color of the hair only has to be  changed slightly in order to match the natural hair spectrum. The refinement process puts such minimal chemical strain on it that one can really almost speak of virgin hair. The result: Hairdreams Special is the absolute  indulgence in hair extensions because it has not been chemically lightened and therefore has retained its perfectly elastic surface. For you, the client, it is important that Hairdreams Special Hair can be re-used for up to two years depending on
hair style and care.”

Installing them takes equal care and patience. I have had extensive training on the proper methods of applying the different styles and textures of hair extension, so they always look luxurious and natural. The procedure is not quick, but the end result is worth it.

Give me a call and I can tell you more about it…

Maria Armenteros

Hair by Maria…

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Kim Kardashian’s Hair Extensions?

This week the company I use as my supplier for Hair Extensions let me know Kim Kardashian uses the same type of extensions I sell to my customers. Now, please, I have not called Kim or Kris to confirm this fact myself. I am taking the word of HairDreams Usa.

Hair Extensions serve several functions. For those of us who love to change up our styles often, hair extensions  give us options.

If you find that shoulder length hair is just right for you most of the time, but for special occasions, or just to change the mood, it would be fun to have long hair, I can do that for you with Hairdreams extensions.

I have customers who would love to put a little color in the hair, but they aren’t ready to commit to having a deep red stripe in the hair for a few months.  Hair extensions can be the perfect solution.  AND HAIR EXTENSIONS  ARE NOT JUST for WOMEN, men use them as well. Look at what the people from Hairdreams have to say :


Real Human hair extensions are not only the perfect choice for chic styling but also a natural alternative to normal highlights. They come in a vast array colours from natural tones to vibrant powerful colours.

All colours are characterized by their outstanding brilliance and durability. They allow for a variety of trendy colour effects and are gentle and harmless to the natural hair.

A positive side effect is that hair extensions also, simply, provide a greater amount of hair for extra fullness and volume. The huge variety of combinations of colours, lengths and structures allows for an almost endless number of creative hairstyles. With just a few strands, you can produce striking effects.”

Head over to their site and take a peekat some of the beautiful colors and styles:

Hair Styles from a Master Stylist

This is what I do:

I am a Master Stylist, I have a station at Salon Ambiance in Huntington Beach, CA. My background includes extensive formal training, plus I regulalry attend seminars on the lastest techniques in cut and color. That’s it in short form.

I love what I do, and I hope that shows in my work. For me, styling hair is not just a trade, or a job, it is my passion. My joy in life is my family, and when someone leaves my chair feeling beautiful.


Maria Armenteros..

Salon Ambiance, Huntington Beach, Ca




Today I am only going to write about thankfulness. Every day I wake up, I am thankful for my friends, my family, my extended family and my loyal customers. I am thankful when I meet new people who then become loyal customers. I am thankful for the Advanced Training I received at Vidal Sassoon, and Toni & Guy. For Salon Ambiance in Huntington Beach and for Ambiance Med Spa. Most of all  I am thankful when my customers take time out of their busy day to drop me a line, through email, or Facebook to tell me they are thankful for me. This is just one of the emails I recieved in the past two weeks:


This is Beth. I am so happy to have met you and will be using your services again in the future.  I have given your card to my friend and I will share my experience on facebook.  I think is wonderful that Mike works at Salon Ambiance in Huntington Beach, too!!  Please  tell him you know me – he has wanted my husband to come in for some time now.   Oh, I don’t want to forget to let you know that Amy loves her feather!

I can not say thank you enough for repairing the damage done to my hair by the other Salon. When I went back a few days after my appointment to show them what had happened to my hair, the manager was defensive and not willing to help me, rather, I have to deal with the stylist herself – fun fun. Rather then being concerned and helpful, they said the integrity of the hair was compromised by hair dye – which I used on my roots – I never saturated the extension. Oh, well live and learn I guess.  If they had been willing to help me, even though mistakes were made, they would have had a loyal customer in me. Instead, YOU now have a satisfied, loyal customer who will refer you many new customers.


Thanks again,Maria!!!


Laser Hair Loss Treatments

Here at Salon Ambiance, Maria Armenteros, we do Laser Hair Restoration therapy.  Did you know that lasers have been used more and more in place of other forms of treatments and surgeries over the past 20 years ? One of the benefits of Lasers is they provide intense light, which in turn is  thought to improve blood flow to the follicles and promote the growth of  hair.  They are Non-invasive and there are several different types of lasers that are used depending upon what the application will be.

Rather then try to explain this concept, I have found this quote that does a good job of keeping it simple :  “The laser that’s used operates in several wavelengths including a red wavelength that is said to open the follicles and an infrared wavelength that increases blood circulation and cellular metabolism in the scalp.” Often the problem with people experiencing hair loss begins with poor circulation in their scalps. Once that is remedied, hair can begin to grow.

It is not a one time procedure, but must be done over a period of time,  AT Salon Ambiance we use the lasers in conjunction with other forms of topical therapies to give you the best results possible. It does not always work for everyone, 100% of the time, but it has helped so many of our clients, if you are struggling with hair Loss, you really should give it a try.

Read below, for your convenience I have posted the information from my actual web site:

The Hair Loss Control Clinic has helped thousands of men and women combat hair loss. Through doctor-directed programs utilizing FDA-approved laser technology, combined with patented formula hair products and nutritionals, men and women all over the world have experienced continued hair growth successfully.  FEATURES:

  • 3 Medical doctors
  • 21+ years creating the best treatment programs available for hair loss
  • 16+ years using Laser Hair Therapy
  • 88 Clinics in 19 countries worldwide
  • unique multi-therapeutic approach
  • Best hair loss lasers – ask us why?
  • safe and effective for both men and women
  • individually customized treatment programs
  • utilizing several FDA proven products
  • higher strength  physician prescribed compounds offer better results
  • unique DHT blocking “SLS free” shampoo
  • free monthly check-ups and photos

We have a complete range of products that will help support the Laser Treatments themselves. No sure if this is for you? No problem, just give us a call, our initial consultation is free!!


Maria Armenteros

Salon Ambiance – Huntington Beach, Ca


Have you ever noticed, when you see pictures of some of the more famous Hollywood starlets, their hair can grow or shrink several inches between photos? It doesn’t actually grow, but they do have well paid, highly sough after stylists who “grow” their hair for them. It’s called Hair Extensions

You can buy cheap ones in those Kiosks at some malls, but it’s best to have me put the good ones in for you. I have a training video from my supplier, it will show you everything that goes into putting on Hair extensions, take a look and tell me what you think. Or better yet, call me when it’s over and I can put some in for you!!!


Maria Armenteros

Huntington Beach

Salon Ambiance.

I was watching an episode of  “What Not to Wear”  and I thought to myself, so many people don’t understand  the impact of looking good. Many of the women who come on the show know somewhere inside them selves that they have given up. They are stuck with a look from 30 years ago, or 8 sizes ago, and they just don’t know how to move on!! Some have dry, unmanageable hair, and it causes them embarrasment and anquish just to get ready for an outing or a professional appointment.

On the show, the two stylists, Stacey and Clinton, work together with people to try and show them how the should dress. They first explain how their current wardrobe is not working, then show people examples of what would work better. And there is also a professional Hair Sylist on the show, to help them with their look.

Once Stacey and Clinton teach them how to shop for clothing and how to dress, you can see their whole “being” transform. People who were timid and shy become more outgoing. People who were sullen, or silly, become  more upbeat and outgoing. You watch them at their reveal parties and they just strut in, twirling and proud to show off their new selves.

As a hairdresser and stylist, what means the most to me is the part of the show where the people are required to get their hair styled. So many of those men and women are attached to their hair, and fearful of changing anything about it. The women with long hair seem to be the most fearful. I must say, as a professional stylist, I understand their fear. Not everyone who has a license to cut hair is a good stylist. I have seen too many people come to me after having had their hair poorly cut by another stylist, just upset and in tears, asking me can you fix this.

Let me please say this. I invest in my business. I have been trained in some of the fines schools in the Industry, and I consistently go to seminars and training to keep my skills sharp and on the cutting edge.  Cutting hair is NOT just about technique, it is about artistry, it is about having the experience to know how to shape thin hair, versus thick hair. It’s about cutting curly hair differently from straight hair. And color is another story all by itself. Think of color as chemistry. It’s not like when you go to the store and buy something off the shelf. I have had to learn how to mix just the right colors, how to blend them so people’s hair doesn’t end up looking flat and one dimensional.

At the end of the show, after the people have gone through all of the changes, they look like and act like  whole new people, almost without exception.  If you are in a place where your look is dragging you down, then You deserve that for yourself as well!!!

Maria Armenteros

Salon Ambiance – Huntington Beach, Ca

Kate Middleton's Wedding Hairstyle

Weddings, formals, semi-formals. It is that time of year, people get married, father’s take their daughters to the Father Daughter Dances, Junior and Senior Proms, fundraising events. Women shop and shop for just the right dress for the occasion, and I asked them to do the same with their hair and make up. Once you have a dress, the very next step should be an appointment with your hairstylist. Sometimes I am not certain people are truly listening. when I write my blogs, so when I read about other professional stylists saying pretty much what I have said, it always makes me feel good.

Soft, flowing curls

If you did not get a chance to read my blog a couple of weeks ago, one piece of advice I gave was this: don’t just plop in your stylists chair on the day of the big event, be it wedding or prom, and hope that on the first attempt you  will get  the hairstyle of your dreams. Make at least one appointment in advance to try out different styles BEFORE your special event.

 Take a look at what Kate Middelton’s sylist said  in the Daily Mail,  :

“Richard Ward, who owns the London salon responsible for styling the Royal bride’s hair on Friday, told how Kate, her mum Carole, 56, and sister Pippa, 27, have already had a number of dress rehearsals for their hair alone.

Richard said: ‘We’ve had many practice runs – and not just with Kate.”

Read more:

 It is also critical that you end up looking like yourself. One other thing that Kate Middleton said was, it is important that William recognize her as she approaches the altar on their big day.  An intricate, fancy updo on a person who normally wears their hair long and flowing  will look unnatural. Certain dress styles call for different hair styles as well. A very structured dress may look better with hair pulled back and sleek. A loose, flowy dress will probably look better with a soft, wavy hair style.

Don’t leave anything to chance on such important days, call and book a tryout session in advance.

thank you, Maria

Salon Ambiance, Huntington Beach, Ca