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Wedding Hair Stylist

It’s coming…that time of year…the event you have planned for…years in the making…YOUR WEDDING.

You spent months finding just the right location.

The invitations are ordered and they are beautiful.

You have picked out your gown and your flowers are ordered

What’s next?

Wedding or Special Event Hairstyl

Your HAIR..that’s what’s next. And I  LOVE doing hair for very special events, Wedding Hair, Prom Hair, Fashion Shows, Cotillions, pretty much any special event you can name, I, Maria Armenteros, will give you something spectacular, or something simple and elegant. Which ever you would prefer.

I the photo above, the style is soft and elegant, and I wove just a highlight of color through her hair.  She wanted to wear it down and natural for her event.   For another event, this style was more what was called for, something different and unique.

The more information I have about the venue, your dress, and any theme you may have for your wedding, the better I can help to give you the style that is just right for your special day. I always advise women to come in at least once for a tryout before the big day.

And Men, I don’t want to leave you out on this special day, it is just as important you look your very best, too. We can work on getting just the right style for Grooms, Groomsmen, Brides, Bridesmaids and Mothers and Fathers of the bride…

Maria Armenteros – Huntington Beach, CA



Ponytails: An Easy Switch in Minutes!

Picture of a sleek pony tail

If you have long hair, and you are in a hurry, what do you do with your hair? You put it up in a Ponytail!!Ponytails are  comfortable and is one of the easiest things to style. But they don’t have to be plain Jane . If you have medium or long hair, it is  easy to  spice things up to keep your ponytail from being boring.

We’ve compiled a list of easy styles you can try when you just want something simple:

If you want a more elegant pony tail for an evening out, curl you hair first, then don’t pull your hair back too tightly, leave a bit of room in the front, put the band around the back part of your hair, and push the front part forward just a little.


For something a bit different, try wearing your pony tail with a head band. Make a rough ponytail with your locks covering the side of your forehead. Just add a hair band without taking the strands of hair aside. If you use a hair band with jewels or crystals that will add another layer of glamour for the evening look.

A good one to do with straight hair is the beehive. This is a popular nighttime hairstyle, but it takes a little more time. Simply make a beehive in the front, then use hair clips to keep it in place. Again, you can leave a ponytail in the back or move it to the side.

If you’re out of hairstyle ideas in the morning, adding a simple ponytail in the morning can give your head a fresh new look!

For those of you looking for a sleek evening look, and you don’t quite have the pony tail knack, come on in, I can help you!!




Jennifer Aniston being beat by Emma Watson?

Look out Jennifer! While Justin Bieber was topping the Internet charts as the top men’s haircut of 2011, Harry Potter’s little friend took a surprising first in women’s hairstyles, edging out Jennifer Aniston. From the Wall Street Journal to search terms for celebrity hairstyle keywords, the research shows Justin on top, Emma in second.

Emma Watson is best known for being an environmentally-friendly celeb who contributes greatly to charity programs such as Millennium Promise Alliance and Shelterbox. Last year, right after finishing the Harry Potter franchise, she chopped off all her hair and quickly commented it was “the most liberating thing ever”. This came as a surprise to many fans of both Jennifer and Emma. Jennifer and her stylist are credited with creating the “Rachel”, known as one of the most popular haircuts of all time. No one could have predicted that it would be beat by a pixie haircut, a widely-popular style in the late 60s and early 70s (and still worn by Halle Berry), but not generally a popular style amongst young women, of course, until Emma did it!


How to Wear Medium Hairstyles

Bobs, angled cuts, layered… there are a number of ways to wear your hair at a medium length. They are easy to manage, and give enough length to add some flare to your appearance. Not to mention they take much less time to style in the mornings. The typical medium hairstyle goes down to about your shoulders, so it’s not classifiable as “long” or “short”.

There are also a number of stylish options when it comes to medium length hair. Regular braids and french braids work well on most women. Put it half up, half down, part indifferently. With styles like the Bob haircut, you have the option to make a split, or having straight bangs. Although, we strongly recommend you see a stylist when making decisions like these, especially with straight bangs. There is a certain technique to cutting a perfect line, and if you get it just a little bit off, your whole hairstyle looks “a little bit off”.

Layering is also an option when it comes to medium length hair. But, anyone who knows how to layer can tell you its a very complicated process. Most online guide on how to layer your hair are usually 12-15 complicated steps This is another area where we strongely recommend seeing your stylist for this reason. If you want to upgrade to medium, be sure to use the “book appointment” button on the right to schedule your appointment with Maria Armenteros today!

Booking an Appointment

Book your appointment on-line!!!

I decided a while ago that it might be best to have people call me directly to book their appointments. While it sounded like a good idea at the time, it became frustrating for some.

As you can imagine, when I am working on a customer’s hair, I do not take time away from them to answer the phone. As a result, that often means I have to check voice mail, check my appointment calendar, and if a customer has requested an appointment for a time when I am already booked, it can create a situation.

Through some quick research, I found a relatively easy to use appointment booking system, and I have plugged it into my blog. Now all my regular customers, and even the new ones, can create a login and password, and just book their appointments when they are ready.
For me, it is not only important to take excellent care of your hair, it is important you know that I value your time as well. Thanks for your business and I look forward to seeing you very soon!!

Stylish Men of 2011

This year has had a lot of new celebs and surprises pop out of nowhere.John Hamm (scene-stealer from Bridesmaids) was seen wearing a double-breasted overcoat accessorized with a flat cap and leather duffel. What was he doing? Walking down the sidewalk going to get something to eat.

Zac Efron (recently played in New Year’s Eve) wore a midnight blue Calvin Klein collection grosgrain tuxedo for charity, and he looked quite suave in it.

Ryan Reynolds kept a relaxed style at the MTV movie awards with his open-collar shirt and suede lace-ups.

Twilight star Robert Patterson, aka latest teenage heart-throb, was seen at the Breaking Dawn premier in his Gucci suit.

Justin Timberlake is always in style–this is evident at the GQ Men of the Year Awards where he sported a Calvin Klein navy wool suit and burgundy tie.

Although your goal may not be to win any awards for most attractive man or woman, all these celebs had one thing in common: they all had great hairstyles. Now I can’t dress you like Robert Patterson or Ryan Reynolds, but when you leave my salon you’ll not only have a style that suits your features, you will be one step closer to winning People Magazine’s award for sexiest human alive!

What is Keratin Hair Treatment?

Hair before (left) and after (right) the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. Photo: Courtesy of Kelsey Karp

What is Keratin Hair Treatment?

Simply put, is the latest trend for straightening and smoothing your curly hair. When professionally applied at a salon, the Keratin treatment is a safe and effective way of giving you soft, silky, straight hair that many curly haired  people dream of having.

So what exactly is in Keratin treatment? Keratin is a natural protein found in the hair, nails and skin of every living creature.Some people have more natural Keratin in their hair than others. Even with that, curly or dry hair can become frizzyand hard to manage. Hence, the Keratin treatments.

Applied in a salon setting, the Keratin product is infused into the hair follicles then sealed with a flat iron. Since it’s not a chemical it doesn’t frizz, dry or damage, as most straightening techniques are notorious for. It also gives your hair an external protective layer that smooths and repairs. Keratin is known to fix everything from kinky roots and straight ends to hat hair and bed head. It lasts for several weeks, and makes life a breeze for people with hard to manage hair!!

There are a host of brand names available, including Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola, Global Keratin Complex, the La Brasiliana treatment, Brazilian Keratin Treatment, the Brazilian Blow Out, and Brazilian Hair. Although, home treatment is not advised. Try to find a salon that offers a Keratin treatment, because they’ve done it enough times and have the experience and equipment to give you perfect results.

Maria is an expert at Keratin Treatments, so if you have questions about whether one would be right for your hair, give her a call.



Hair Care for Hair Extentions

Hair Extensions are a wonderful invention. It gives both men and women the option of changing their hair style without having to wait for their hair to grow out. But Hair extensions can be  a strain  on your scalp and existing hair.  If you wear extensions, you must make sure you have strong and full hair that is able to support them. However, it is mostly women who will  get extensions for thinning or chemically damaged hair, and although hair care products temporarily fix appearance, most don’t address the issue of actual hair and scalp health.

There are several effective and lasting ways to help people with thin or breaking hair. First and probably one of the most important, even  before we get to vitamins and supplements, make sure you use a special brush to keep your naturally shedding hair from damage caused by  brushing to keep the hair  tangle free. As for nutrients, you should not only maintain a healthy diet and hair care routine to fix your present issue, but also  in order to prevent future hair thinning and loss. We recommend the Ionix hair care line, since it was specifically designed for women with hair extensions and processed hair. Try drinking more green tea and ginger, as these have natural vitamins and minerals inside them which help give your hair the strength to support your extensions. If you want to go as far as vitamin supplements, we highly recommend b12, bioten, zinc and MSM.

As a Master Stylist, I see people all the time who complain about the condition of their hair. There are many ways I can help, by showing them the right products to use, to my Laser Hair Restoral System, and by recommending dietary changes. When they follow my advice, their hair looks better, and becomes strong enough to take Hair Extensions without doing further damage to fragile hair.



Maria Armenteros Holiday Gift to You!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I know that for many of you, it has been a financially stressful year. As my gift to you, I would like to offer the gift of a new hair style for the Holidays. Hair Styling, Hair Coloring and Hair Cuts are some of the best ways to make you feel good, and have you be the hit of the upcoming Christmas Parties!! Men or women, teens or Grandparents, makes no difference. I offer you this gift!!

For the next couple of weeks leading up to Christmas, a style and cut that would normally cost $150.00, I will now offer to you at only $95.00. I feel blessed to have so many good customers, and I just want to say Thank you for your continued loyalty to me.

Happy Holidays..

Mari Armenteros