Advertisements with Celebs: Does the Hype Work?

It’s not a new thing for businesses to advertise their product with familiar faces. Advertising, like always, try and make their product sound like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. The first thing you have to think about is if the star actually uses the product in question. They get paid big bucks to endorse the product, but do they actually believe what they’re saying? Seeing your favorite actor or singer talk about a product definitely inclines you to buy it, but is there a better way to find honest reviews on products? In this day and age, we aren’t limited to the one-sided conversation that is our television. Now that everyone and their grandmothers are connected in some way, through phone or computer, to the internet, one thing that needs a major revaluation is customer reviews. They are honest, descriptive, and easy to find. Most major websites like ebay or amazon even offer customer reviews and ratings on the product page! So the next time you see that one girl from that one show advertise that one product, don’t be afraid to hop online and see what people are really saying.



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